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Howden Introduces First-Ever Carbon Credit Insurance Product

International insurance broker Howden has launched the first-ever voluntary carbon credit insurance. The aim is to limit fraud and negligence and increase confidence in the carbon market. UK-based Howden Group is the largest European broker managing insurance for $10+ billion. Its key purpose in launching the carbon credit insurance product is to bring more confidence […]

Multiple Carbon Credits Records Broken in Australia

A record volume of Australian carbon credits were traded in the second quarter, indicating that the market is maturing despite growing criticisms. The Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) scheme is a voluntary carbon market mechanism that seeks to incentivize companies to cut their footprint. It has been under increased scrutiny with skeptics claiming it’s a […]

South Pole Works with Regrow to Boost Regenerative Agriculture

Global carbon project developer South Pole and agricultural tech company Regrow Ag work together to scale the adoption of regenerative agriculture. South Pole is a global developer of carbon projects and climate solutions provider with 20 years of experience. Its project development covers various areas including: sustainable agriculture forest conservation waste management energy efficiency renewable […]

Wall Street’s Carbon Crisis

A new report shows that Wall Street is the fifth-largest carbon emitter, coming in just after Russia and before Indonesia. In 2020, 8 of the largest US Banks and 10 of the largest US asset managers financed $2 billion tons of carbon emissions. Though major corporations have shared their support for net-zero initiatives, the “Wall […]

Shell & EKI Energy to Invest $1.6 Billion in Carbon Credits

Royal Dutch Shell has partnered up with EKI Energy from India to develop nature-based solutions for carbon capture. The JV is expected to invest $1.6 Billion over a 5-year period to develop 155 million Carbon Credits. EKI Energy, is the largest carbon credit developer and supplier from the developing world. They currently serve over 2,500 […]

How Carbon Credits Can Increase Land Conservation Efforts

For years, timber harvests and development opportunities have been a source of income for landowners worldwide. Carbon credits are changing that. One metric ton of carbon is offset from the atmosphere for every carbon credit purchased. This happens through an environmental project, such as reforestation. The more carbon credits purchased, the greener a company can […]

US Bill Could Eliminate Tax Credits for Oil Recovery

Section 45Q of the US Internal Revenue Code offers a tax credit for each metric ton of carbon captured and sequestered. It ranges from ~$12 up to ~$50 for every ton of carbon captured and stored underground. These credits can be claimed even if the carbon is used to push oil out underground. California lawmaker […]

Australia Carbon Prices Increase 180%

The price of carbon is up 180% in Australia. Research from RepuTex, a carbon market consultancy, believes that Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) could reach $60 per ton. Right now, the price is $47 per ton. A limited supply of ACCU’s is the main reason behind the price increase. The Commonwealth’s Emissions Reduction Fund holds […]

Grasslands: An emerging frontier for nature-based carbon Credits

A few decades into the growth of the carbon market, and most carbon offsets are still nature-based. Yes, there’s growing interest in removal techniques like CCS (carbon capture and storage) and DAC (direct air capture). But for the foreseeable future, the world of carbon offsets will continue to be dominated by nature-based solutions. And until […]