DevvStream Partners with a Soil Restoration Tech VRM Biologik

DevvStream Partners with a Soil Restoration Tech VRM Biologik

DevvStream, a leading carbon credit investment firm specializing in technology solutions, entered into an exclusive carbon credits management deal with VRM Biologik. 

VRM Biologik is a soil restoration tech firm whose proprietary products regenerate farmlands by stimulating Biological Hydrosynthesis — a natural reaction that captures carbon and creates additional water.

About 33% of the world’s soils are already degraded, and at the current rate of depletion, the world’s topsoil can be gone within 60 years.

Regenerative agriculture tech and practices like that of VRM Biologik can improve soil health dramatically, providing not only environmental and human health benefits but also sequestering carbon from the air. Its adoption can capture and store up to 250 million metric tons of CO2 in the U.S. alone each year (5% of the country’s emissions). 

Under the agreement, DevvStream gets exclusive rights and title to carbon credits from projects developed by VRM Biologik. The company will also serve as carbon credit manager for those projects. 

DevvStream’s CEO remarked that:

“This partnership provides DevvStream with the ability to generate high-quality, verifiable carbon credits from a variety of projects in the agricultural space, including large-scale, land-based opportunities we’re currently pursuing in North and South America.”

Read full news release here.

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