The Wild Carbon Markets

The Wild Carbon Markets

The volatility seen in the carbon markets recently is unprecedented with wild swings up and down.

The CBL Nature-based Carbon price had a record drop Tuesday, triggered by the threat of a western economic recession stemming from the Russian invasion and sanctions.

The Nature-Based carbon price GEO dropped over 16% to $9.68 – which is lower than it was ahead of the COP26 conference back in November 2021.

That’s is a record decline for the GEO in its relatively short history.

Going the other way, another record was set when the European Carbon price had its largest 1-day price gain in history.

The price spiked up over 17% on Tuesday, this follows a massive 30% decline that started with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The modern carbon market is still in its infancy and carbon is coming second to energy.

Higher energy costs could lead to less travel, both for work and pleasure.

Even some airlines have begun to cancel flights due to fuel cost concerns.

It could be a real bumpy ride for a bit as the global economy has never really had to include carbon into the equation until now.

But the NetZero and decarbonization movement will march forward.

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